"A toxic-free lifestyle is a commitment to self-care, self-respect, and self-discovery. Choose growth over toxicity."

I'm Jill Johnson.

For many years I've experienced many discomforts related to chemicals. I had no idea why, for years, I was having the symptoms I had. It seemed so weird to me that I was the only one in my family, while on vacation, who was running past the smoking areas and from people with heavy fragrance on, only to still experience a sinus pressure that made my eyes feel like they would pop out of my head like those key chain animals that the eyes pop out when you squeeze them. (Really, that is not an exaggeration! It really felt that way.) Along with that, I would have uncontrollable coughing, and phlegm that would choke me.

Through much research, I found out that I have a real condition, (although it is not recognized by modern medicine so much). It has lots of names... MCS, Chemical Intolerance, Idiopathic something, Fragrance Sensitivity, Environmental Illness....So many others.

I would like to take the knowledge that I gained from my own searching for answers to help you live a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle.

It's a process.

Baby steps, do it with baby steps. One thing at a time.

So, here's to good health, more self care, and less toxicity in your life.

a man and woman couple with cocktails at a tiki bar near the beach.
a man and woman couple with cocktails at a tiki bar near the beach.

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